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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreaming of ..... Summer

Yes, Summer.
It is Winter here .. I know most people reading this are enjoying the hot days of August, looking forward perhaps to crisp, cooler Fall weather.
I am "enjoying" Winter here where I live and I think I have had enough.
It has been a very cold Winter, although we never get snow, it has been raw, wet, gloomy and all those things that Winter has that makes it less attractive than a nice warm Summer day.
So I am dreaming about Summer.

I am contemplating going to places where the beaches stretch for as far as the eye can see.. or a sleepy fishing village where we can live like Bohemians in a beach shack for a week or so and just eat fish and drive around and be lazy and warm .. I especially like the Lazy and Warm bit.
I need to see and hear the Ocean.
I want to smell that salty smell.
I want to walk on hot sand and fall asleep listening to the waves booming.
Yes, it is time for Summer to come along now ..

Painting: ZsaZsa Bellagio