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Sunday, August 28, 2011

All About Toile

Now, everyone knows that I am a lover of Toile.
I would have it in all the windows of my home, the pillows and probably a bed would find itself covered with Toile.
I have some shades in blue and white, I have some pillows and a cover in red and white and I think my bathroom window needs a shade in black and white..

The Husband gets that Look in his eyes when I start musing over the pros and cons of Toile in the living room.
He can relax, I am veering toward the idea of silk now, watered silk .. yeah.

Imagine my delight when taking a walk one day, looking up at the charming homes and balconies in the area and there was a shade over a balcony.
Nothing unusual about that, it does get hot and sunny here ... but a Toile shade?
Outside on the balcony ?
I love this.
I love these people for thinking of it.
I have to move in with them.

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