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Saturday, July 2, 2011


This photo was taken by Me .. on our drive from the East coast USA to Portland, Oregon.
Pretty wonderful sights along that drive ..

I bet Pup would be thrilled to have a baby to play with.

I am starved for greenery. Our parks are not fulfilling , well, not completely. I think a forest might be needed with perhaps some water, a lake will do.

Been here, done that , would like to do it again.
Hey ! listen to the music, tell me if you like it ..

Thanks to the bloggers at Tumblr for the photos.


Mandy_Fish said...


aBroad said...

I know ! is that not the sweetest little thing ?
Pup would be overjoyed !

Alysom said...

We have a friend who has a Boston Terrier - it is cute as hell, very affectionate and much better behaved than my Max and Millie.

Cleo is very gassy though :(