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Sunday, July 24, 2011


My taste in houses has always run towards the Center Hall Colonial , grand house sort .. growing up in the South, there were those large old homes with beautiful stair cases , huge porches and many rooms.
My daydreams about houses never take into account the boring details like keeping them clean, cost of heating and cooling and generally kill-joy sorts of thoughts.
I have started to really appreciate the "Glass" houses, long low homes with nothing but views from every room.

Over time, I have started to appreciate smaller homes. Smaller to me is not huge, but at least 3 bedrooms, what really means something to me these days is views and privacy.
Give me a tiny house on maybe 10 acres and I will be content.
I am inspired by magazines and newspaper articles on homes, I wish I could go back to school and study design or at least, learn more about it.
Instead, maybe I will just move again and practice what I have learned while learning from those who do the work. You know, Arts and Crafts style homes are very appealing too ..
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