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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A house in the country.
Having friends over for dinner ... formal attire.
Picnic tables with candlabra and flowers everywhere and lanterns lighting the way to the house.
Before the dinner preparations begin, sit and reflect on the day, while watching the light change.. as the heat of the day fades ..
A big soft bed waits in a quiet serene room .. made for dreaming of nights dancing under the stars ..
After a long soak in a deep tub with candles lit and perhaps some Miles Davis playing~

images: NYT


Furtheron said...

with a hope that I don't complete destroy the ambiance the bath would appear to be the ideal place to listen to Miles Davis according to my brother-in-law who at about 50% through Sketches in Spain the other day said “Does this CD come with a free pack of razor blades or do you have to provide your own!”... Philistine! Still he is a bass player what do they know about music... boom boom tsh!

aBroad said...

Sketches of Spain is my favorite .. it came to Buenos Aires with us !
... nothing could spoil that bath :)