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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pull up a Chair!

I thought I wanted a Thonet Rocking Chair for the living room. I can find them in the Flea Market here, in good shape. . and affordable.
image:university of dundee
But then I look at magazines and design blogs like Crush and I waver ... I am losing my ability to make decisions.

source:crush cul de sac
Maybe I should move so I will need more chairs~


Sandra said...

That last chair by the water would suffice.
Love the write-up in your blog header! It's perfect!

The Elephant's Child said...

I WANT that last chair. I love them all, but that last one ....

aBroad said...

LOL, glad you like it Sandra ! Yes, a chair by the water ..
Elephants Child .. the second one is also calling to me .. it is cold here, I would be cozy there, in that chair (lounge)..

Dumbwit Tellher said...

A woman after my own heart. I could have a few dozen chairs and light fixtures; to me, they are like shoes. I love the Thonet rocker, never give up that dream.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

x Deb

aBroad said...

Deb .. If my luck remains good, I will have a new chair to go with todays new shoes by the end of the weekend.
It is all up to the Flea Market now ~
besos !

Alyson said...

Oooh.. the wallpaper in the second picture I'm not sure where or how I'd use it but I want it! Plain and unadulterated WANT, I bet it feels really nice :)

Adrienne said...

I have too many chairs already, but I'd make room for that last one!

aBroad said...

Alyson, yes ! isn't it wonderful ? There is a room in your home for it, I am sure :)

Adrienne, what is one more chair .. and that one is perfecto.