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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Green Place

Thanks to the New York Times, I have gone from daydreaming about an apartment in Paris to imagining myself in a house , out in the countryside.
Having tea in a glass house would suit me just fine.

To be, once again, offered views from all the windows of green and growing things, is so very appealing.
To sit in a chair, lie in a hammock, or have something like this built just for daydreaming in the garden .. heavenly.

I imagine I would sleep like a baby in a house in the country.
Are there cars honking ?
Are there people shouting out in the street ?
Are the neighbors coming in too late, with too much noise ?
I think not.

I think I would quickly adjust to the sight of rolling green hills over the buildings across the street.
While they are very beautiful and I love to look at them, I would definitely swap the sight of them for a few trees and some sky.

Yes, it might just be time to start thinking about Green places again.