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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Country Mouse/City Mouse

On the other side of the coin, whereas I might begin to consider staying where I am, living in an apartment instead of a house in the country, I find myself imagining new rooms. Perhaps my current rooms re-decorated or maybe a new apartment elsewhere. With sky and trees and quiet streets.
Rooms that are serene in style and color, inviting and soft , comfortable but a tiny bit formal.

I like the idea of pale creams with the dark woods of the furniture we have.

Perhaps I will re-upholster our sofa, velvets appeal to me, toile slipcovers are a thought also. I am not sure white would be the color of choice with a large Pup who is always welcome to snuggle on the sofa while watching a good movie.

Definitely a dining area, with room for our friends and or family to gather around.

The bedroom needs to be serene and calm, when the noise of the city has to be shut out .

I am used to a smaller kitchen now, but plenty of storage and counters is still important.
Country style or formal , that is a decision I would have to make. I am leaning toward light and country style.
Decisions, decisions ~~~

source: Lonny