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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How about Yellow ?

When I was a very young girl, I wanted a four poster bed, with plenty of room for me to share with my dolls. I only wanted , Pink or Rose colors in my room.
I did not get the bed and because my mother is, well, the way she is, I got a Lavender room. But I did get a pretty bedroom set in a pale almost white wood in a French style.

As a teen , I wanted the walls Yellow. No one paid any attention to me, they stayed Lavender.
My first home ( in Los Angeles), I immediately thought, I will paint the walls Yellow ! But it was an old Spanish house, arched doorways and tile floors, the walls remained White.When I had my own little girl, I think her room was as girly as she wished. I don't remember her wishes for Pink rooms or Yellow but I am happy to say, I finally got my own bedroom, my own home, the warm happy yellows that I always wanted.
Sometimes you have to wait a while for things that you wish for ( without the dead animal heads on the wall)

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