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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My French Home in Argentina

We live in a 100 year old, former Mansion, converted into apartments . Two to a floor, with the original elevator going up the middle of the building, with white marble stairs climbing around the elevator.
It is French inspired, with very high ceilings , plenty of moldings and trim everywhere. Of course, we had to put in chandeliers for lighting in every room, we kept as much of the furnishings and renovations true to the antique look of the rooms.
So we have natural wood floors, polished and shiny and full of character and there are only two squeaky spots in the entire apartment!
The walls are all painted a warm soft butter yellow and all the trim is pure white, high gloss.
But it lacks something. I have antiques, I have nice antique rugs, paintings, but it doesn't look the way I want it to.
So I am turning to Marie Claire as well as my Paris Interiors and Provence Interiors to give me ideas.

Should I just hang gold framed mirrors in the living room ..... everywhere ?
I have considered putting in a mantle and faking a fireplace, with candles. Would that work ? It won't keep us warm but it looks so good.
I have soft serene colors in my bedroom, perhaps making everything white and adding one strong color will be more interesting ? Or just cold ..
Or just add another fake fireplace and more pillows. I think I should mirror the wall that faces the bed, the better to scare us each morning upon waking and sitting up in bed, facing the mirrors.
So many ideas, so many possibilities.
And then there is the idea of making everything ultra modern and "Soho Hotel Chic" , with everything white and bare floors... no, forget that, the dog would hate it.
What do you think ?
Boho with pillows and colors and mirrors everywhere or quiet and serene and mirrors everywhere ?
Or just as French atelier as I can get ?
The dog refuses to commit to any one idea.