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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hotel Living

Did you ever want to live in a hotel? I did . I do. I love the idea. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I worked for people in the Entertainment Industry and I got to travel quite a bit. And stay in hotels... mostly posh hotels.
This started my thinking that living in a hotel is not really a Bad Thing.

As the years went by and I lived in NY but traveled with my husband, here and there, I once again thought that it sure would be nice to be able to pick up that phone in the morning and call Room Service..
To go out for the day and come back to fresh linens on a freshly made bed and fresh towels in the bath.
I had a friend who traveled so much, one day she woke up in her home, picked up the phone, dialed O and asked for room service.
I totally relate.

We stayed for a good deal of time in a particular hotel in Portland, Oregon. With the dog. They would walk him if I let them. This has so much appeal to me these days, I cannot tell you... my husband who does the early , late and rainy day walks, would think he was in heaven if a bell man came to the door and took the dog out into the rain for him.
Pup is still sure that he likes walking with us the best and we can keep the hotel stuff to a minimum.

And let us not forget the Spa... I am not a spa person but if I lived in a hotel, where massage and quiet music with perhaps some soothing oil on my brow was offered ? I probably would try it.

How about you ? Wouldn't you like to live in a hotel for at least a little while? Wouldn't it be fun ?