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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Diary, I am Feeling a Bit ... how should I put it ?

Cranky. Yes, there is no other word that is appealing to me right now, Cranky will do.
Bitchy might come into play later and I have no doubt that there will be some Fuming and Grumbling going on but for now, we are just going to indulge in our Cranky side.
Why not ?
I am an adult ! I can do what I want ! If I feel like being Cranky, who says I can't ? ha ! I knew it .. no one can tell me what to do ...

My clothes don't fit.
Summer hit after a too short Spring and it is mucho calor and I am not happy about that.
It isn't the calor so much as the humidity. Humidad ? whatever... steamy and hot is not my Thing... unless we are talking about movies, good lookin' men and perhaps someones feelings towards oneself ... then it works.
But walking out the door into a hot steam-bath, isn't working for me today.

I couldn't find anything to wear.
Everything is Old, Out of style, Too big.
Who knew I would shrink when I moved away from the US?

I have to go now, Someone might want to do something other than hiding in a room , while the housekeeper whistles that mindless tuneless extremely annoying sound .. while she coughs ?? and scares the dog out of his wits with the vacuum.
But we love her. . she cleans our house and we don't have to .. so we love her.
She actually acts as if she loves us too .. I know she loves Pup, who wouldn't ??

OK... I feel no better sharing my Crankiness so I am off to share it with strangers in the street.

Later I will let you know if it made me feel better , if everyone else got Cranky too or if I was told to go home and don't come out til you can be nice.


Anonymous said...

Shrinkage can be a good thing. Leave Ms N to her whistling and sweeping and head for Patio Bullrinch, it is time to spoil yourself a bit. Tell anyone who challenges this action, they ain't seen cranky yet!

a Broad said...

God Bless you Anony, but Some people get all full of attitude when faced with someone ( me) being Cranky.
Strange but true.
We went to Paseo Alcorte. Whatever fit was only fit for a teenager or a woman desperate to fight off the fact that she is no longer a teenager.
Of course, this only served to make me .... More Cranky.
We went to the Park with Pup, who got too hot and I got more ... Cranky.
So we are back in our room, with the computer, A/C and no one had better bother me.
un beso..

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my sweet friend!!! You are so entitled to a Cranky day or two... thats what makes all other days wonderful!! Here's to hoping the weather becomes less humid!! xo.. HHL

PigletinFrance said...

Hello there!
I quite often get cranky days and I just tell myself I am entitled to them :)
I had a very similar one to you this summer (it is now very cold in France) although all my clothes were too small!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Oh, I hate when I'm feeling this way. It's usually right when I have to run out the door to something to and I can't find ANYTHING. THAT. LOOKS. GOOD. So, yes, I can relate.

Go treat yourself to a massage and a glass of wine.