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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-Decorating the House ...

What else does one do on a rainy day?
But browse through magazines online or otherwise, day dreaming of new rooms, new homes, or just new colors?
John Fowler .. ".. formed a private language of color names such as “dead salmon” and “mouse’s back”—to which Nancy Lancaster added the infamous “caca du dauphin” and “vomitesse de la reine.
My living room is dull. It needs color. I think a touch of Blue here and there might work.. but then I saw this
and then this , but how does my husband feel about Pink ? Coral, what if I call it Coral? No,it's pink.
 I have to go back to the original ideas... pale yellow walls, check ... white trim, check .... Blue accents...
This is so beautiful, there must be a way to incorporate this look into my rooms...  take away that sofa and put a bed there ... my bedroom ! Brilliant.. I am just brilliant... taking a bow ~
Not bad .. I have to go take a nap now, this is all too tiring. . 

images via Elle decor, house beautiful, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home