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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obviously NOT an Italian Housewife

tried to make Pizza again tonight.
I don't know what it is, the dough? the oven ? 
I don't have a pizza stone .. 
I have not one drop of Italian blood in me, whatever it is, this one was semi-tasty and too crisp and while it was edible, it did not taste like Pizza that I remember from NYC.

So.... I give up. 

I did like messing around with that big ball of dough though ...

At least they deliver them fast here , actually we are only blocks from 2 Pizzerias and one arrives on roller blades and the other on a motorbike.. so why bother? 

Other than that bit of disappointment, it was a rainy day to start and Pup was not feeling himself so we did what we had to do this morning,   shopping etc and then came home to play with a  slightly better Pup.
I bought him a rawhide bone so he did get happy about that. 
Now I am going to go read him a bedtime story ... nah, not really.

When we came home from shopping, I asked him how he felt. 
He said he felt a little "Out Of Focus" but better .. really , he did. 
See .. he was right.