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Monday, September 27, 2010

House Hunters International

I just watched my favorite television show. Well, I love Nurse Jackie and Dexter but House Hunters gets all my exploring, relocating, decorating juices flowing ! 
Lately the shows have been with people who want a vacation home in Costa Rica, boring... or want to move to St Johns, reeally boring.
So tonight was a treat ... Paris. A couple from the US, moved from California to New York and then bought a second home in Montmartre ! Oh god, I want that too !
They got a tiny place, a studio.. but it is in Paris, in a wonderful neighborhood, they were happy.
I would be too!

So I started daydreaming with my husband ( another reason why he is such a keeper .. he daydreams the same as I ) that we would find a one bedroom apartment in the Marais or somewhere in that area and it would be nice if it were not a 4th floor walk-up .. otherwise, I am open to all possibilities.
I know I am not getting what I have here .. but still.. being in Paris would make up a lot for not having 2 bedrooms or 1000 square feet or an eat in kitchen. 

I have to start some on-line house hunting. Even if we never go more French than a restaurant, I can daydream !
Our bedroom would be smaller no doubt
but there would still be a chandelier
I will have to control my tendencies to Over- Toile
Maybe I will get to do a room or two, all white.
Who needs a big kitchen in Paris ? You can bring it home or go out .. 
Is a fireplace in the bath too much to ask for ?
covering the walls with books 
Is there any reason why I can't have this view?
I must get to work on this soon.
What are the requirements for one large curly haired Pup to live in France?