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Friday, September 3, 2010

Crabby ? Me ?

We saw the Michael Douglas movie. I did not love it but I didn't really hate it. But it was not one of those feel good , stop feeling Crabby movies.

We stopped at our bakery and bought up all the almond   and chocolate croissants and baguettes and I probably already weigh 5 pounds more  than I did this morning. All that sugar did not put a  dent in my Crabbiness.

We took Pup to the vet because I know he is thinner .. I worry about him... it makes me Crabby.
I was right and we are changing his food.
For now, I will not worry and will blame the lousy cheap dog food for the weight loss and not think that anything can be wrong with my Pup.
He is sleeping on the bed behind me. . you know, making sure I don't sneak out of the house without him .. like I want to go out in the rain again??

I would actually like to lie on the bed too and nap my way through this wet spell we are having and wake up on the first sunny dry warm day.

Until then, I am going just be Crabby. Cranky. Crotchety. Curmudgeonly.
                          image via weighting game