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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who are you ?

I wonder if I have been changed in the night.
Let me think, was I the same when I got up this morning ?
I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.
But if I'm not the same, the next question is , 'Who in the world am I?'
Ah, that's the great puzzle.

Who are you this morning ?
Do you feel the same? 
And if you are the same, do you want to be different ? What would you be?
If you are different, do you like that difference?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Even Mad Housewives go shopping

Not that I wouldn't rather be shopping here  
via girlinthecafe
and I can really see myself here, actually, I used to see myself here quite often
via thechoosybeggar
 but today we needed to do shopping for things that are mostly edible ..
so we went to the boulangerie ... which was closed!  I cannot tell you how set I was on having almond croissants with tea this afternoon... picture me sulking.
And then we went to the fish market.. the complete opposite in olefactory delights .. market..bakery ... fish market.. see what I mean ?
No, I left these guys for someone else who would know what to do with them.. besides, I can't eat something after I have seen it's face.
It is a nice market... but no shoes and no handbags, just vegetables and fish. 
Why is that not exciting to me?
Dinner :
Salad of Avocado and Tomato with Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze Dressing
There is a Double Chocolate Dulce de Leche Brownie for dessert.
Bon Appetit ! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am thinking of Paris

I want to go pack my bag. I am tired of the cold .. I want to go somewhere warm.  I need museums and  shopping and French food.. real French food.. French films  
And French music ..
I am thinking of Paris. I really should go to Paris. That tune runs through my head when I think of Paris.
I will stay at "our" hotel ..   D'Angleterre, on rue Jacob on the Left Bank.

I will sit in the Place des Vosges and people watch and listen to that opera singer who lives in one of the apartment buildings, who practices each afternoon .. and perhaps a tiny bit of shopping.
I will spend the afternoon reading the paper and having coffee at Les Deux Magots, around the corner from the hotel..
I will buy perfume and lotions and handbags and music and maybe a pair of shoes on my favorite Left Bank "shoe street".. rue Dragon !
Maybe I will decide to move on to an apartment , renting from Paris Perfect. I can get the same apartment we stayed in last visit, with a view of the Eiffel Tower.
Yes, this sounds good to me. I have to go talk to The Husband now and see how he likes my idea. There is no doubt how the Pup will feel about it. . hmmm . maybe he should come too?

images via LV, Hotel D'Angleterre, AllPosters, ParisPerfect Apts,Paris Revised, Tom Spence

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pup needs a Cat

We used to have one but he died of old age and broke our hearts. Pup still runs to look for him if I ask him where he is.. This is why he gets so happy when he sees cats in the street.. you know, the ones who would like to rip his eyes out if he gets close enough.
This one would keep him occupied , for sure .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Imaginary Re-Decoration of My Home

Just so you know, this is all imaginary.  From reading all the beautiful blogs that have me running to grab my pen and make yet another list, another note that I must buy this or must paint that or have this color, etc.
But this is what I have come up with so far .. I like it .. I can't wait to see how much of it actually happens in "Real Life"
From Griege, a Blue velvet sofa
a Yellow velvet sofa
just Yellow drapes
I think we need a nice old comfortable chair.. maybe leather, Griege showed this one
From Brabourne Farm, I think I would like to paint a piece of furniture this color 
Belgian Pearls gets me into the mood for an all White kitchen .
Maison  Boheme makes me think we need more mirrors, lots of mirrors.
or the mirror from Griege
you know, you can never have too many mirrors
Maybe the bedroom should have more White

So much to think about .. so many ideas .. so little decision making capability ... How do you like it so far?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today we went to Jumbo. Yep, JUMBO. 
The Buenos Aires answer to Walmart. .. need tools ? they have it. . Need plants, pots , rakes, bricks, flowers, underwear? they have it. 
And when you are all shopped out with the power tools , flower pots and super glue shopping ... you can buy groceries. But wait ! while walking into the supermarket, looking for sugar, you can buy shoes, dishes and a television ... I mean, really, JUMBO has it all. 
Right across the street from the  Centro Cultural Islámico King Fahd , the largest Islamic Center in all of Latin America
So you really can't miss Jumbo ..  There had been some work done since we were there last, downstairs which had been pretty much boring and not many shops , is now a mall with book  stores, music stores, all kinds of trendy clothing stores and perfumeries. I have to go into one of those one day , when my husband has a head cold and can stand being in the room with all of that scent at once. I sort of don't mind that, once in a while .. kind of like being at a garden party with a bunch of ladies wearing different perfumes. 
Maybe it is a "girl" thing..
So .. with our Jumbo purchases, the evening will be spent potting flowers and tomorrow is very exciting.. we will be drilling holes in the walls so I can finally hang some paintings and mirrors.
We have only lived here 3 years, some people don't want to rush into things.
But I will be thrilled to see my old "friends" hanging on the walls, my odd little red convex mirror, my vintage cycle poster, 
my painting that was in an art show, yes, My painting, I do Chinese water colors .. and there are the vintage bird prints and the vintage hairdresser prints and the Japanese samurai painting .. all my old friends, wrapped in bubble wrap and waiting to see where we live.
I can't wait !!
We also bought a shopping bag so I don't have to use plastic .. this is me with my bag .. not really but I can pretend... so can you.....

images via jumbo services,king fahd islamic center

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing like some Good Shopping !

Sibyl Vane
This is my favorite, well, one of my favorite shoe stores here in Buenos Aires. Great for little summer ballet flats in leather that seems soft enough for a pair of gloves.

Paula Cahen D'anvers ... I love her name !
I love her stores !

Wacky name , fabulous leather

One of my favorite stores... anywhere.

Patio Bullrich
This is a favorite ( neighborhood ) mall, full of shops like Prune and Cacharel and our cinema.
Alto Palermo, where there are so many stores I still haven't seen them all and restaurants !
Galleries Pacifico
And then there are the shops, on every block, shoes, bags, clothing, boutiques, jewelry, whatever you need, it is in your neighborhood.

Buenos Aires, good shopping.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer fashions

So I was browsing through Elle Magazine online .. I need to start thinking of what I want for Summer. Today was around 70 degrees and I started out with sweaters and ended up with just a shirt and jeans.. and No Boots ! Yay!! My feet were shocked and kept asking if they shouldn't be wrapped in socks and tucked into the nice dark leather homes that they have been hiding in for months. 
I put them in a pair of ballet flats and wrapped myself in my Babette sweater , a birthday gift right before leaving the United States.. it just always looks good.. and off we went ! I and my newly liberated feet were happy all day, sunshine, light breezes and no boots.. which led me to look in the closet when we got home and say ... What Am I Going To Wear? 
I am sure at one time or another ( or every day if you are like me) you have said this.
So Elle and I sat here and ran through some People On the Street photos.. how were they dressing this summer? I have to say, an awful lot of them should not have gone out looking like that, but what do I know? I am way down here now. So these are some things that I think I would like, would look good, or look like my kinda style.

Not the tank top but those baggy pants might work with a pair of flat sandals for me.
I am always happy in a soft top like this.

Now this actually is me. Not really but that is just the way I dress, sometimes.

I will look fine in that blue top,  
I am always happy in black dresses.     

Not so short but love the jacket
This is me. Really. Well, sorta.

So what do you think? Like it so far ? 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's Pretend

We decide that living in a 100 year old French style building with too many leaky pipes has gotten old... that we are interested in living on a different street, in a different sort of building.
We lived in a Loft apartment in Portland , Oregon and just about everything about it .. I loved.
So I am imagining a loft sort of apartment here. White walls, at least to begin with .. maybe some brick somewhere...
a bedroom something like this, maybe not so much brick, more white walls and bigger windows.
And my bed will be much cushier,  more pillows, softer, no hard edges. But lots of light is good. There is always a possibility of a chandelier instead of something modern though .. or hidden lights.
I like those.
I was picturing something more industrial and white, with shiny wood floors, but then I see this,
and I think the beams are good but  maybe instead of a row of beams, some columns.. I like that better. Maybe even big elaborate columns .. like this, Gerard Butlers NYC loft apt , in Architectural Digest
I think in a white loft with huge windows, one needs big soft cushy furniture with lots of pillows and soft edges, don't you? ( no palm trees though)
It would definitely have a big , perhaps huge, kitchen
I like the idea of the bedroom being monochromatic and having a really plush carpet or rugs.
And the bathroom, well, one of them, I want a big oval free  standing tub. One that looks like an egg.
And the shower can be a huge glass walled room big enough for a few people. Or just one who likes the idea of a huge room to shower in.
I think that might do it .. let me know what you prefer and watch me change my mind .. a few dozen times.

images Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Decor

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a question? Read a blog.

I need to think of something for dinner.. joy the baker  will help out .. so will Framed and then there are the photos to look at on Framed also.
But then there is 101 Cookbooks ! I need 101 ??
I have Tastespotting if I really want to go insane...which is how I found a few of these blogs to begin with.

I have to do something with the house.
Winter is winding down, I have to lighten things up, change the bed coverings, the pillows and such on the sofa, Spring is on the way and soon the long days of Summer .. where to get ideas ?
Well, I spend too much time ( just ask The Husband) looking at House Porn .. yes, you read right, I indulge in House porn..  Brabourne Farm  I can't stop going , checking to see if she has added something new..
I always like it and want it .. Cottage Charm and Inspiration  is always charming and definitely inspiring..
Have you seen Elle Oh ? why not ? Go ! Look !
 The New Victorian Realist ... sounds interesting, go look, be surprised.. Greige, watch out, this one is habit forming .. and A Beach Cottage... oh my.. Just when I start imagining living in a house in the woods, she makes me wish to be by the sea.

If I want to go far away, well, I am already far away, but if I want to go far away from here .. well, what about Belgian Pearls   .. a good way to start ...
My French Country Home   or I can visit Amy in Paris .. she seems to like it there, Or at least when she says God, I love Paris  I believe her ..
I would visit Kelly in Florida but she is starting to scare me, she is too good at Everything .. especially Tearing Up Houses although, there are days I would probably be good at that too .. for a little while.
Until I calm down.
Then there is Southern Exposure  , Paula Grace  and  Little Emma English Home ,which is so very charming and pretty .. and when I want to pretend I can browse the flea markets in Europe, there is La Brocanteuse

 .. So you see .. I think I have a problem.. I haven't even named everyone yet .. I will though .. another day. You can only take so much at a time or else you will be in the same condition as I ... confused but certain that you know the right color for that sofa and if it should have tufts or not ..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Change of Scenery ?

                                                                                  What about London ?  
I love South Kensington ! We rented an apartment there . It was lovely, on a cul de sac, no traffic, around the corner from the Victoria and Albert Museum, shopping, eating, buying flowers from the man on the street and having tea and sweets bought in Harrods Food Halls.  
                                                             Ever been to Barcelona ? Mmmmm ... Tapas...
The Spanish habits of cafe breaks every hour, 2-3 hour lunches, naps in the afternoon ,meet friends for dinner at 10 pm , listen to music or watch some dance .. just like here ! Nice apartments..
 Buenos Aires, a neighborhood of quiet streets, trees and a museum that used to be a home, with gardens and a cafe .. did I mention, quiet ? Good music, naps in the afternoon, dinner at 10 pm and Tapas...
It is nice to know that I don't have to go that far, no airplane ride required, to see a new neighborhood, to try a new restaurant, to explore new places. If they  can just manage to plug all those leaks upstairs.. 
                                                                       My little winter garden   ..

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